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Pegasi Sector Commonwealth  [EN] Empty Pegasi Sector Commonwealth [EN]

Message  HellspawnGaming le Lun 15 Jan - 11:15

Pegasi Sector Commonwealth  [EN] Psc_fi10

We proudly announce the birth of a new alliance among the following factions :

- Beasts of Bestia ( )
- DaVinci Corp ( )
- Muro Independents ( )
- Tesla Royal Industries ( )
- The Forgotten ( )
- Black Omega ( )
- Chimera (
- Tethys Empire Crew (
- Xukong Nexus (
-TGNO Corp (

The main feature of this alliance is the extreme proximity of its faction members. The goal is to set up an enivroment where players can share common game life and massive events, so proximity is the key of a real, operative cooperation for improving the game experience by, summarizing :

- Sharing of intel and knowledge, be it of lore or mechanics nature.
- Reciprocal help on BGS activities, as War/Expansions/Lockdowns/etc.
- Reciprocal help against other players related threats.
- Promotion and support to more entertainment related activities as tournaments, races and so on.

Why the Name :
Seen from Earth, the home systems of the interested Factions are all situated within the Pegasus Constellation, in game the area is generally known as Pegasi Sector.
To use said term in the name would put emphasis upon the “local” nature of this alliance made by Factions geographically close to each other.
Commonwealth perfectly embodies the nature of said cooperation, to pursue the well-being of the Factions part of it.

The Navy :
Within the purpose of involving the players in common activities, PSC has a proper navy, with officers and ranks gained by participatory dynamics.
The Events:
Knowledge is power; PSC will perform any necessary action about gathering informations, also by explorative/military initiatives.

A permanent training is a must for an efficient navy; PSC will perform continuative scheduled training section.

Life in space is hard; PSC will set up ludic events like races, tournments.

Here the Pegasi Sector Commonwealth agreement
We, representing a group of Factions loosely placed within the boundaries of what is known as the Pegasi Sector, in the interest of creating bonds of friendship and brotherhood, ensure a civil coexistance, promoting the growth and development for our Factions, provide tools and ground for sharing common game time and events, and generally help each other on having a pleasant game experience, create what is going to be known as the Pegasi Commonwealth by signing the following Constitutional Chart.

Article I

- First and foremost, the Pegasi Commonwealth is meant to provide a fun and healthy gaming enviroment for its members, to promote friendship and cooperation amongst them, and to generally support each other.
- The Commonwealth is based upon principles of tolerance and equality, with neither size or military power being cause for differences in status standing between its Factions and their members.
- The Commonwealth is also meant as tool for aggregation, thus none of its activities are compulsory for its members, despite partecipating is highly reccomended due to the aforementioned aggregation principles.

Article II

- For the purposes of handling civil coexistance, and working toward any form of coordinated goal, the Commonwealth establish an organ called “The Council”, its members are going to be called “Councilors” and each faction can designate a number between one and three of them.
- Councilors have a lifetime mandate, which may be revoked only by their own Faction or a vote from the Council in case the Councilor display a behaviour against proper etiquette and manners.
- Any decision the Council will take, is ruled by voting. Each Faction is allowed to cast only and one Vote, regardless of the numbers of Councilors and any other factor.
- To pass a motion is handled by Majority, following the TSC protocol definition, where illegal votes are not included in the total and a Majority vote is defined as being more than half of all eligible votes cast.

Article III

- The Commonwealth is an evolving organization, thus new Factions will be allowed to join as long they share a friendly mindset, while member Factions can be removed in case of serious and repeated offences to this Consitution or the other Factions.
- To ensure the principles described in Article I, additional requirements for a faction to join will be their Home system being within 100 Light Years from any of the member Factions' Home System, and being sponsored by one of the members Factions. As for Article II, the final decision is taken by Voting.
- The removal of a Faction from the Commonwealth, is a dire measure that should be taken only when all other diplomatic solutions to mend the situations are tried, and will require at least two member Factions to sponsor the proposal. This number can be raised in future should the Commonwealth members grow big enough to deserve such a change. As for Article II, the final decision is taken by Voting in this case as well.

Article IV

- The matter of expansions is ruled by a principle of “First Come, First Served”, whereas the first member Faction to reach a system gains the rights of becoming the dominant one. To keep things polite and civil, the Councilors should actively discuss over their Factions' expansion policies, so to not hinder each other.
- Third parties messing with the BGS should not be cause of attrition or conflict, thus in the case of sudden changes within a System status, civil talks should be held to fix any problem.
- A Faction can choose to relinquish their “Dominant Status” to any other Faction, giving precedence to the Commonwealth ones if any had required so. If any System is given to a non-member Faction as part of a diplomatic agreement then all the Commonwealth members should respect that.

Article V

- To ensure their welfare, and to provide a way for their members to play together, Commonwealth Factions can ask for support on anything regarding the BGS. It may range from asking advices and help on planning expansions and Systems management, to more in-game activities like doing Combat Zones or bounty hunting together, despite not being limited to military activities.
- For the purposes of roleplaying and general fun, several players group will be created, they can be anything fit to the occasion, like a navy or exploration corps, and their existance is tied to letting the players having fun.
- As stated for Article I, none of this is mandatory, and no Faction shall bear any consequence for not partecipating to such activities.

Article VI

- In case of conflict between a Commonwealth Faction and another player-driven one, the members are asked to provide all the support they can muster. This is not necessarily meant to be military help, but it may be anything that can show our friends they're not alone.
- Before any military PVP engagement, though, Diplomatic solutions should be attempted, especially by the Factions that have channels and means to do so. Once those all fails, a Vote is required to formally engage.
- Finally, the Commonwealth is not meant for conquering. Thus, against other players, its forces and resources are meant for Self Defence.

Do you want meet us? come to our discord or on our Inara page

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